Our experience and success in raising capital in the highly specialized and fragmented Private Wealth Channels is a key differentiator amongst our peers. Ultra-high net worth investors ($20 million and above) are a multi-trillion dollar segment that is comprised of RIAs, wealth managers, single/multifamily offices and regional banks. Its high allocation to alternatives (20% – 60%), low turnover of managers and minimal penetration by “usual suspect” funds has made it an attractive target market for us. It is a strong and singular focus of ours dating back to 2006.

AAC maintains active coverage on:

  • Over 400 independent RIAs
    • $1 billion to over $20 billion under management
    • $20 million to over $100 million average family net worth
  • Single and multifamily offices with alternative investment portfolios greater than $250 million
  • Regional banks/financial institutions with investible assets above $10 billion

In addition, AAC provides supplemental coverage to insurance companies, corporate defined benefit plans, endowments/foundations and their advisers.

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